Collection: Woodland Harmony Collection - Mystical Trees & Scarlet Songbird Home Decor

Bring the enchantment of Nature into your Home with my Woodland Harmony Collection!

Immerse yourself in the Beauty of two Handpoured Resin Trees with two different heights and styles. Each Resin Tree has a colour shifting effect in a variety of colours. Sitting amongst the Trees is a charming resin bird showcasing vibrant red berries.

This trio is presented on a rustic, round natural wood 'cookie,' adding a touch of woodland charm to any space. Perfect for adorning mantels, shelves, or as a centerpiece, this unique ensemble effortlessly blends organic elements with artistic flair.

Elevate your Home Decor and evoke a sense of whimsy with these harmonious sets, crafted to infuse warmth and character into your surroundings.

Embrace the art of storytelling through nature-inspired design and make a statement with my Handmade Resin Tree and Bird Collection, a testament to the beauty found in every detail.

Trees measure 4" and 5"

Bird measures 4.5" L x 3" H x 2" W