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Bookmark Blooms in Books: Handcrafted Floral with Charms & Tassels

Bookmark Blooms in Books: Handcrafted Floral with Charms & Tassels

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Elevate your reading experience with my Floral Bookmark, where the delicate beauty of real dried flowers meets Resin.

Each Bookmark is a botanical work of art, showcasing an array of vibrant dried blooms that bring the serenity of Nature to your books. Complementing these floral Bookmark are whimsical charms and matching tassels, all suspended from metal Bookmark hooks.

These Bookmarks are not just placeholders; they're a celebration of Nature's Artistry and a tribute to the joy of reading. Whether you're treating yourself or searching for a thoughtful gift, my Floral Bookmarks are a delightful addition to your reading routine, making each Book an enchanting journey.

Explore my Bookmark Collection to discover the perfect literary companion that seamlessly blends aesthetics, elegance, and the timeless appeal of real flowers.

A great Gift Idea for the Book Lovers in your Life!

Bookmark Measures 3.5" 

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