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Majestic Wilderness - Enchanting Forest Sunset Resin Picture

Majestic Wilderness - Enchanting Forest Sunset Resin Picture

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Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Nature with my 'Majestic Wilderness' Resin Art.

This captivating piece features a stunning silhouette showcasing a Majestic Moose and Deer against a breathtaking landscape of trees, mountains, and the vibrant hues of a sunset. The largest silhouette of the Moose Head in the background has real ferns set in the antlers.

The base is adorned with carefully arranged dried botanicals, including delicate ferns and mushrooms, along with real tree branches and wheat for an organic touch.

The magic lies in the color-shifting mica powders applied to the silhouette, offering a mesmerizing play of colors that evolves with the changing light.

Bring the tranquil essence of the Wilderness into your home with this unique and artful creation, celebrating the grace and grandeur of our natural world.

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