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Scarlet Songbird Woodland Harmony - The Enchanted Forest - Set 4

Scarlet Songbird Woodland Harmony - The Enchanted Forest - Set 4

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Transform your living space with my captivating Scarlet Songbird Woodland Harmony' Collection, featuring a handcrafted Resin Bird, I affectionately named the 'Scarlet Songbird,' as it is filled with vibrant red "berries" set in glass-like epoxy resin.

Complementing this centerpiece are two hand-poured resin trees, each a unique expression of nature in a diverse style, height, and color-shifting beauty. The trees boast mesmerizing hues of blues, whites and gold that unfortunately, elude the lens and demand firsthand admiration.

Resting elegantly on a natural wood 'cookie,' this enchanting Scarlet Songbird Ensemble embodies the essence of Woodland Harmony, inviting you to bring the wonders of nature into your home.

Explore the intricate details and magical interplay of colors in person – an experience that transcends the limits of the camera lens with my Scarlet Songbird & Tree Collection.

Whether adorning your own Home or gifted to fellow Nature Eenthusiasts, this handmade Scarlet Songbird Set invites you to cherish the exceptional beauty found only in nature-inspired, artisanal creations.

Sold Individually this Set would cost $80.00 - My Bundle Set saves you $13.00!

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