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Dragonfly Garden - Nature Inspired Dragonfly Pyramid

Dragonfly Garden - Nature Inspired Dragonfly Pyramid

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Let your home take flight with the my Dragonfly Garden Pyramid!

This Epoxy Resin Pyramid features a Teal Base that adds a sense of tranquility to any room. The built in LED lights case a warm and inviting glow. At the Heart of this Pyramid you will find a dried sunflower with a Dragonfly taking a rest after a long flight.

Whether as a captivating centerpiece or a unique gift, this Resin Pyramid shows off the Artistry of Nature. Bring this Pyramid home today and let it enchant your space. 

Looking for a gift idea for a Nature Lover in your LIfe? This one of a kind Pyramid makes a perfect addition to your Home or Office.

Pyramid Measures 5.5" T x 4.5" W. All Dragonflies are ethically sourced.

Dragonflies are often seen as symbols of transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. Their life cycle, transitioning from aquatic nymphs to graceful aerial creatures, mirrors the personal growth and change we experience throughout our lives. Additionally, dragonflies' agility and ability to move in all directions symbolize the power of perspective, reminding us to look beyond the surface and see the deeper meaning in situations. In many cultures, these ethereal insects are also associated with light, purity, and spiritual awakening, making them a potent symbol of renewal and positive transformation.

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