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Majestic Moose - Enchanting Forest Sunset Resin Picture

Majestic Moose - Enchanting Forest Sunset Resin Picture

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The Magestic Moose - Step into the enchanting embrace of Nature with my Magestic Moose Forest Sunset Picture created with layers of Epoxy Resin. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of an Evening Forest Scene where a Majestic Moose takes center stage against a backdrop of warm, sunset hues.

The Moose was created separately with Epoxy Resin. Discover an intricately crafted woodland tableau featuring trees, deer, and a mesmerizing display of the northern lights set inside. Once completed, my Moose was set into the picture frame amongst the sunset colours and dried botanicals.

Real botanicals and a delicate dragonfly add an extra layer of natural charm. This handcrafted piece invites you to experience the Magic of a Forest evening, capturing the essence of a moose's gentle stride through the serene wilderness.

Elevate your space with the Beauty of Nature embodied in our Forest Sunset Resin Picture.

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