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Nature-Inspired Wooden Round Pendant - Summer Garden & Butterflies

Nature-Inspired Wooden Round Pendant - Summer Garden & Butterflies

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Embrace the Allure of Nature with my Wood round pendant Collection. Encased within the Resin are real dried Flowers and Botanicals showcased from both sides, allowing you to carry a piece of nature's elegance close to your heart.

Adding a touch of whimsy, delicate holographic butterflies dance amidst the blooms, making this pendant a captivating and unique accessory that beckons you to wear a piece of nature's charm.

Dive into a world where Art meets Nature and discover the perfect blend of Beauty and Wonder with my Botanical Resin Pendant. A wonderful gift idea for the Nature Lover in your life, or gift to yourself to bring the outdoors to your outfits.

Chain Length - 18" Silver Plated Iron. Lead Nickel and Cadmium Free

Care Instructions: Take off Jewellery when bathing, sleeping, exercising or other strenuous excercises, as prolonged sweat will cause the surfact to lose it's luster more quickly.

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