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Welcome to Dragonfly Treasures Resin Art & Gift Shop, your Haven for one of a kind Resin Art Pieces and Unique Gifts Inspired by the wonders of Nature.

"Art will Never be able to Exist without Nature"

  • Original Artwork

    Adorn your world with Art. A walk in the Forest, or sitting on a Beach hearing the waves roll in, each of my pieces will bring you the feeling of Nature.

    Walk Through Nature 
  • Wedding Flowers

    Check out my Custom Floral options I have available. It is so Exciting and Meaningful to Create pieces of Art with Flowers that are so important to you!

    Custom Order 
  • Memorial Art

    I am always honored to be able to help people grieving over the loss of family members and pets with beautiful Handmade Art and Memorial Jewelry.

    Custom Order 
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Welcome to my World, where Art and Nature entwine, and every piece tells a story of the Great Outdoors.

Hi there! I'm Heidi.

Welcome to a World where Nature's Beauty comes Alive in my Resin Art. Have you ever wished you could bring the Outdoors in? In my Collections, you'll discover Art pieces that mirror the fluidity of water's movements and the vivid hues of a breathtaking sunset.

As the summer months unfold, I embark on Journeys to gather fragments of flowers, botanicals, and seashells, all with the purpose of preserving nature's fleeting moments. These pieces are frozen in time, capturing those moments of us walking through the Forest, tending to a blooming garden, or beachcombing for treasures along the shoreline.

Through my Collections, I hope to connect with Nature, reminding us of those moments when we can briefly escape the bustling chaos of daily life. Bring a piece of tranquility into your world with my Nature-inspired Resin Creations.


Are you a Nature Lover looking for unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that reflect your love of the outdoors? Look no further than my handmade Earring sets inspired by Nature!

I use real natural elements such as Flowers, Leaves, Ocean inclusions and even mini dried mushrooms, all collected during the Summer months. I love creating Jewellery pieces that bring the Beauty of Nature to your everyday wear.

These make a wonderful gift idea for the Nature Lover in your life. Or spoil yourself and adorn yourself with Nature.

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